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CohortStartupDescriptionCategory / Industry
Disruptive BusinessASAASA brings together premium design and long-lasting air purification technology to create interior spaces with the highest air qualityWellness, Hardware
Disruptive BusinessFoodsmenuFoodsmenu combines a food-centric search engine with a pre-ordering platform, bridging customer wants and needsE-commence, F&B
Disruptive BusinessOMyCarOMyCar cocreates new automotive services with corporate partners (e.g. insurance), unlocking new value from drivers’ data and rewarding good driving behaviorI.T, O2O
Disruptive BusinessP-SenseP-Sense provides accurate real-time indoor traffic monitoring solutionBig Data, I.o.T
Disruptive BusinessPeacifyPeacify’s smart socks utilize state-of-the-art baby monitoring system, providing real-time vital sign information and peace of mind to parentsHealthcare, Hardware
Disruptive BusinessSnapPopSnapPop leverages AR technology to facilitate and enhance offline-to-online marketing campaignsAR/VR, O2O
Smart RetailC-radarCommercial intelligence platform based on offline big data and AI technologyA.I.
Smart RetailConfiRealityDevelopment and application of large space VR commercial technologyVR
Smart RetailCoolhoboReinventing traditional retail industry using AR technologyAR
Smart RetailDatality LabDatality Lab's Moodie Emotion Analytics Engine enables real-time analysis of video and delivers insight on customer sentiments, allowing businesses to adapt and improve their products and/or servicesSmart Retail
Smart RetailEgagaEmpowering the smart hotel experienceSmart Living
Smart RetailGoodScanSmart logistics and warehouse management systemSmart Logistic
Smart RetailHomeyVR platform for interior designers to create interactive experiences to sell to end usersVR
Smart RetailInfinite InnovationOne-stop solution for unmanned retail store operatorsA.I., I.o.T.
Smart RetailKalon CoutureFashion platform utilizing advanced mobile body scanning and virtual fitting technologyFashion tech, E-commence
Smart RetailZhui YiChina's leading enterprise-level AI service companyA.I.
Smart RetailSmart RetailDisruptive IoT automated retail, interactive marketing & Big Data platformI.o.T, Smart Retail
Smart RetailSquare ArkSquare Ark's mobile app marketplace platform enables sales via social media channels (such as Whatsapp and WeChat) or also known as 'social commerce'E-commence
Smart RetailVision IntelligenceComputer vision provider enabling smart retail solutions, including collection of real-time mobility dataSmart Retail
Smart Retail云東家A one-stop POS solution for retail operationsSmart Retail
Smart Retail萄味Beverage platform that solves the last-mile problem of diningF&B, Smart Retail
Mizuho Crowd Brain 1.0Apoidea/AltiveLeveraging latest technologies in deep learning and natural language processing to provide AI solution for financial institutionsFintech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 1.0AqumonAQUMON offers white-label solutions to financial institutions across the Mainland and Hong KongFintech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 1.0AsiabotsAsiabots' "Carey" AI ambassador provides quick, user-friendly access to assistance and information during the journey, via smart devices and smarter digital servicing.A.I. ,Chatbots
Mizuho Crowd Brain 1.0CoverGoCoverGo is an award-winning, whitel-abel, modular platform that enables insurers, brokers and bancassurance partners to digitize and distribute insurance products faster than ever beforeFintech, Insurtech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 1.0Find Soultion AIFind Solution AI is developing an AI-driven motivation model equipped with Emotion Detection, Deep Knowledge Tracing technologies, capable of automatically giving a real-time response in 0.1 seconds, facilitating personalized learning and corporate trainingA.I.,EdTech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 1.0MediConCenA Hong Kong-based InsurTech startup that automates claims for insurance companies, medical networks and clinics using Hyperledger BlockchainBlockchain
Mizuho Crowd Brain 1.0MellowMellow is an app trying to solve APAC-wide problem of financial illiteracy and corrects financial habits of kids through an interactive modelFintech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 1.0Move ItEggplant Technologies focuses on developing smart IOT devices and an online platform for the health and fitness marketI.o.T, Hardware
Mizuho Crowd Brain 1.0OneDegreeOneDegree aims to be the next-generation leader in the insurance industry. It is one of the few digital insurer candidates in Hong Kong that embraces an end-to-end digital process and crosses over with leading global partners in insurance and health to pilot new insurance technologies and experiencesInsurtech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 1.0QupitalQupital is the leading SME trade finance technology company.Fintech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 1.0RicequantRicequant provides cloud-based, financial data, embedded and fully integrated front-to-back investment management software, risk model consultant and a data warehouse, all in one systemFintech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 1.0STICKuBNET-TECH is a social enterprise that leverages technology in product design to reduce the resistance of the elderly towards digital products and lessen their safety issuesI.o.T, Hardware
Impact Kommons 1.0AESIRAESIR aims to extend its impact on supporting learning activities of children with special educational needs (SEN) through the development of AR and VR “EduTech” gamesEdtech
Impact Kommons 1.0CatalyserCatalyser provides SaaS platforms for employers to manage their community activities, such as corporate giving, fundraising and volunteering, and report on their social impact. The software is tailored to each company's brand and CSR objectives, reducing program administration and centralizes data, allowing CSR teams to focus on growing engagement and impact.Wellness
Impact Kommons 1.0En-TrakEn-Trak is committed to the development of IoT solutions for commercial buildings, helping owners and institutions to improve energy efficiency and achieve sustainable development goals. Their award-winning SaaS solutions are used by over 300 world-class customers across Asia.I.o.T.
Impact Kommons 1.0Lify WellnessLify Wellness is the world’s first Smart Wellness Beverage Ecosystem with a mission to offer a personalized wellness beverage experience. Equipped with IoT technology and AI-backed recommendation engine, Lify is reinventing traditional herbal wisdom by providing busy urbanites with insights into their wellness profile and recommending herbal drinks as natural remedies.I.o.T., Hardware
Impact Kommons 1.0Urban SpringUrban Spring strives to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic bottle by installing our signature product Well井. Designed and engineered in Hong Kong, Well井is an innovative smart water station with data collection and analysis of usage and operating conditions that are remotely monitored by Urban Spring service team, ensuring hassle-free and timely maintenance.Wellness
Mizuho Crowd Brain 2.0CU CodingTheir nCloud solution manages multiple clouds located in different geographical sites. This patented technology stores and "strips" data diversely to achieve fault-tolerant storage across multiple cloud storage services, while assuring security, data reliability, less storage space and auto data recovery.Smart City, UrbanTech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 2.0En-TrakEn-Trak is committed to the development of IoT solutions for commercial buildings, helping owners and institutions to improve energy efficiency and achieve sustainable development goals. Their award-winning SaaS solutions are used by over 300 world-class customers across Asia.I.o.T.
Mizuho Crowd Brain 2.0EyesmediaEyesmedia's goal is to integrate transit, payment and telecom services into a single appA.I.
Mizuho Crowd Brain 2.0LiquefyLiquefy unlocks liquidity through tokenization by bringing operational efficiency to fractional ownership and lowering the barrier of entry to investment in illiquid assets ranging from real estate to exotic assets such as film production and sports teamsBlockchain
Mizuho Crowd Brain 2.0MAD GazeFounded in 2013, MAD Gaze is one of the world's leading AR smart glasses brands with core technologies including AR algorithm, hand gesture control and optical displayI.o.T., Hardware
Mizuho Crowd Brain 2.0PickuppPickupp is a tech-enabled logistics optimization engine operating in 4 cities in Asia: Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. It enables businesses and individuals with delivery needs to utilize crowd-sourced couriers, warehousing space and supply-chain facilities to execute deliveries in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.Urban Tech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 2.0PowerArenaPowerArena is a computer vision product with AI and deep learning video analysis that turns webcams to powerful sensors for labor-intensive operationsUrban Tech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 2.0PokeguidePokeguide is a travel navigation app that helps people travel like a local. Through the use of AR navigation with AI image recognition and machine learning NLP training of Internet articles, Pokeguide acts like your local friend, sharing essential tips and information.Travel, A.I.
Mizuho Crowd Brain 2.0Portostar EducationProtostar Education is the first live interactive online English course provider for kids in Hong Kong, featuring a one-to-few small class settingEdtech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 2.0RaSpectRaSpect is a Data Analytics AI-powered data analysis engine for defects recognition, thermal analysis, vibration analysis, and structural integrity assessment, covering planned-to-built and indoor-to-outdoor projectsLogistic Tech, Smart Mobility
Mizuho Crowd Brain 2.0SOCIFSOCIF is a technology startup specializing in providing smart mobility IoT solutions for the corporate sector, with a mission to redefine transit experience for cities and communitiesProp Tech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 2.0SuanziSuanzi provides AI solution for deep learning acceleration, making neural network smaller and faster, and monetizing AI on edge devicesA.I.
Mizuho Crowd Brain 3.0LogflowsLogflows is a logistics platform that offers SaaS TMS supportLogTech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 3.0CloudbreakrCloudbreakr is an AI-powered influencer marketing platformA.I.
Mizuho Crowd Brain 3.0BeseyeBesyes offers a video analysis platform for AI security cameras, automatically providing security and business analysis to enterprise and home, and intelligently protecting the people and things you loveA.I.
Mizuho Crowd Brain 3.0CredifyCredify provides a user controlled personal information bridge that securely connects and integrates user data across digital ecosystemsFinTech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 3.0Dayta AIDayta provides a data collection tool that enables businesses to read visualized dataA.I.
Mizuho Crowd Brain 3.0LeapxpertLeapXpert provides a Federated Messaging Orchestration Platform (FMOPFinTech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 3.0LumaniLumaZones is an on-cloud Building Management System with app control and web/dashboard monitoringProp Tech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 3.0MapxusMapxus is an indoor mapping softwareA.I.
Mizuho Crowd Brain 3.0OFLOOFLO is a cloud-based walkie-talkie solution that drastically improves the responsiveness of service and security teamsHardware
Mizuho Crowd Brain 3.0SapiensSapiens is an international AI SaaS provider that offers solution capable of generating am all-rounded personality and trait portfolio of usersFinTech, A.I.
Mizuho Crowd Brain 3.0SportopiaSportopia combines the latest digital interactive and gamification technology with sports and entertainmentBig data, FinTech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 3.0ParkingbnbParkingbnb is a marketplace for drivers and property ownersProp Tech, A.I., I.o.T.
Mizuho Crowd Brain 3.0YCVRYCVR integrates virtual reality technology and aesthetics, allowing customers to select and combine furniture in virtual showroomsVR
Mizuho Crowd Brain 3.0Zhui YiZhuiYi delivers conversational intelligence for businesses using NLP technologyA.I.
Impact Kommons 2.0Batik BoutiqueEmpowering artisans In Malaysia with hand-dyed gifts, fashion, and homeware productsConsumer goods, Corporate gifts
Impact Kommons 2.0BlueSky EnergyCreating sustainable communities with smart buildingsGreen Building
Impact Kommons 2.0Brighter BinsIntelligent waste collection and sortingWaste Management, Recycling
Impact Kommons 2.0CarbonbaseEmpowering enterprise sustainability and consumers engagement through technologyBlockchain, FinTech
Impact Kommons 2.0Carbon WorldEnd-to-end recycling servicesRecycling, Manufacturing
Impact Kommons 2.0CLSAdvanced biochar-based materials made with construction wood wasteEnvironmental Technologies, Recycling Technologies
Impact Kommons 2.0HMHong Kong’s leading green solution provider and green manufacturer using wood waste materialsGreen Solution Provider
Impact Kommons 2.0NANOxARCHChina’s first social innovation venture focusing on sustainable material designSustainable Materials Design
Impact Kommons 2.0REMAKEHUBTurns “waste” into renewable material and low-carbon lifestyle goods to mitigate climate change and reduce waste pollutionNew Material
Impact Kommons 2.0Rice RoboticsService robots that deliver, disinfect and patrol, while navigating, operating elevators and charging autonomouslyRobotics
Impact Kommons 2.0Rooftop RepublicDesigns, builds, and manages urban farms by transforming under0utilized urban spaces into vibrant hotspots of eco-sustainable living that engage, empower and elevate communitiesUrban Farming
Impact Kommons 2.0VayyarThe worldwide leader in 4D imaging, offering solutions in elderly care, automotive, retail and smart building industriesElderly Care, Smart Building
Impact Kommons 2.0V CycleEmpowering Hong Kong's 'cardboard grannies' and people with special needs through recyclingWaste Management, Recycling
Impact Kommons 2.0VegwareEco-friendly, plastic-free disposables made from plant-based materialsRecycling, Manufacturing
Mizuho Crowd Brain 4.0AlikeAudienceAlikeAudience is a data company that empowers marketers to make data-driven marketing decisionsData Management
Mizuho Crowd Brain 4.0Avant MeatsAvant Meats provides a technology platform, producing animal-free fish proteins for food, skincare, and other functional applications directly from fish cellsBiotechnology
Mizuho Crowd Brain 4.0CarbonbaseCarbonbase provides a fintech platform to facilitate sustainable investments for a global audienceBlockchain, FinTech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 4.0BraveraBravera is an app that empowers individuals to turn walk and run activity points for rewards with local and international brandsFitness, Sports Tech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 4.0InnoCoatexInnoCoatex provides antimicrobial coating with long-lasting and environmentally-friendly features using bio-based material and patented technologyBiotechnology
Mizuho Crowd Brain 4.0Wada BentoWada Bento is a bento machine platform, transforming traditional food service by dispensing ready-to-eat foods using hot-chain technologyFood Tech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 4.0Mixcare HealthMixcare Health is a health-tech startup with a vision to complete the wellness profile and enhance the overall health of the publicHealthcare, Wellness
Mizuho Crowd Brain 4.0Sophie's BionutrientsSophie's Bionutrients produces plant-based protein with microalgae in bioreactors for use in meat analoguesBiotechnology
Mizuho Crowd Brain 5.0AlbacastorAlbacastor develops UV-C ventilation device "UVENT" that removes oil smoke and odors in restaurantsWellness, Green Tech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 5.0GravitonsGravitons (Avatech) develops avatars that can be used in online games and communitiesAvatech
Mizuho Crowd Brain 5.0MezzofyMezzofy develops coupon management system (including vouchers) for retail, F&B, hotels, etc.Blockchain, Coupon, E-commerce
Mizuho Crowd Brain 5.0SODAZSodaz develops and sells Asia's first soft drinks infused with CBDF&B
Mizuho Crowd Brain 5.0Zata MotionZeta Motion develops AI object tracking and analyzing tech -- "Neural Capture" -- and its application system "ZDK"A.I.
Mizuho Crowd Brain 5.0ZETLZetl provides Factoring Service to staffing companies and SMEs for staff salary paymentFintech
GBA Accelerator 1.0Da FangDa Fang develops and manufactures a wide variety of wall construction and painting robotsRobotics
GBA Accelerator 1.0R-STORMR-Storm design and manufacture window cleaning robots for high rise buildingsRobotics
GBA Accelerator 1.0ROBOTICSPLUS.AIRoboticsplus.AI provides an all-around smart, modular robotics construction solutionRobotics
GBA Accelerator 1.0Align RoboticsAlign Robotics is an automated robot solution that converts digital designs into on-the-ground construction plansRobotics
GBA Accelerator 1.0AvidbotsAvidbots provides fully-autonomous commercial robotic floor cleanersRobotics
GBA Accelerator 1.0DeepBrainAIDeepBrainAI commercializes real-time video with real-life application of interactive AI Human solutionA.I.
GBA Accelerator 1.0Trace3DTrace3D provides the simplest way ever to make AR tours and content in real-world locationsAR
GBA Accelerator 1.0Chain TechnologySolving AEC pain points through innovative digital twin technologyDigital Twins
GBA Accelerator 1.0GEEK+Solving worldwide logistical problems with warehousing robotsRobotics
Impact Kommons 3.0BreerBreer is a food upcycling startup that reduces bread waste, using it for brewing beerUpcycling, circular economy
Impact Kommons 3.0CHOMPCHOMP is a mobile application that promotes sustainable living by partnering with F&B businesses of all sizes to help them manage their food surplus throughout the daySustainability
Impact Kommons 3.0Eco-GreenergyEco-Greenergy is a social enterprise that offers eco-products, services and experiential activities to enable people to go green easilyCircular economy, Upcycling
Impact Kommons 3.0Graviky LabsGraviky Labs develops solutions to replace fossil fuel-based products by upcycling carbon emissions.Clean tech, Upcycling
Impact Kommons 3.0GreentinsGraviky Labs develops solutions to replace fossil fuel-based products by upcycling carbon emissionsSustainability, CO2 Absorption
Impact Kommons 3.0HydroleapHydroleap is a deep tech startup in the water and wastewater treatment spaceWastewater Management
Impact Kommons 3.0LUUNALUÜNA uses technology to help women to make informed, healthy and eco-friendly product choices to enhance their lives all through the monthWellness, Healthcare
Impact Kommons 3.0MindfieldMindfield encourages people to think globally and eat locally - becoming 'locavores' - realizing a low carbon lifestyle through local famringUrban farming
Impact Kommons 3.0NatpakNatpak is a one-stop shop for sustainable packaging solutionsSustainable Packaging
Impact Kommons 3.0NegawattNegawatt develops AIoT solutions for building operation sustainability, and efficienciesSmart Building, I.o.T
Impact Kommons 3.0V VisionaryV Visionary advocates a sustainable lifestyle by re-examining and re-inventing the materials and supply-chain in the fashion industryFashion Tech
Impact Kommons 3.0WildfacesWildfaces provides made-in-HK & patented core visual AI solutionsA.I.
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