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Group VOC Innovation

Unlock Innovation Through Human Centricity

Program Objectives

Creating a culture of innovation and cultivating intrapreneurship

Equipping Artisans with the skills and mindset to innovate at work

Integrating the VOC in our business development process

Program Overview

A human centric innovation program that equips our Artisans with the necessary knowledge and resources to create practical innovations that drive breakthrough impact deriving from the voice of customers.
program overview

Program Benefits

Innovation Workshops

Be inspired by the thought leaders of design thinking to ignite the potential within

VOC Exercise

Utilize NWD’s extensive CRM services to receive feedback on your ideas

Prototyping Resources

Receive the support needed to turn your ideas into a real functioning product

Capital & Training for Product Commercialization

Access resources you need to take your idea to the next level (UP TO 1.1M HKD IN FUNDING)

Cash Prize


What Makes a Successful Artisan?

Love engaging with customers and hearing their honest feedback and challenges

Take a practical approach in driving impactful, breakthrough projects

Have a Growth Mindset

Be a Team Player

Embrace the learning process

Program Timeline

Who Should Join?


Artisans / NWG Employees Only

Team Size: 2-4 people max.

judging criteria

What's Next Step?

Business Plan Requirement

Product Proposal Requirement

Artisans will submit the Product Proposal for the innovation task force to review the ideas. This product proposal brief should encompass these elements:

Upcoming Events

Orientation Webinar
Speaker: Charleston Sin, Executive Director, MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node
Topic: Use design thinking to put yourself in your customer’s shoes
Language: Cantonese
Date: April 8, 2022 3pm
Introduction Roadshow
Learn about what the Program offers and how to succeed in it
Mandarin session: April 12, 2022 10am
Cantonese session: April 12, 2022 11am
English session: April 13, 2022 10am
password: RvSa
Design Thinking Workshop
Selected teams will be equipped by design thinking mindset, learn the skills to build your business plan
Date: 4 May, 2022 & 10 May 2022 (Cantonese)
Business Plan Submission
Business plan submission deadline: 20 May 2022 23:59 (GMT+8)
For shortlisted business plans, the teams are required to pitch to the Investment Committee.


That's great news! If you are already working on a business idea that would fit with this program, please go ahead and submit your application to the program here:

Yes, cross-departmental teams are allowed. We believe that having perspectives from different Artisans across business units is valuable edge to any team.

The VOC collection exercise will be done after the selected team has been shortlisted by the Innovation commitee. With guidance from the corresponding business units and the CRM team, the team will carry out the VOC collection as appropriate.

Yes, in the application, you will be requested to provide the names of your team members in order to submit your product proposal.

Since this is an Artisan specific program, we require that all team members are NWG employees.

There is no in-person presentation required for the product proposal, Innovation Committee will select teams to next stage according to your pdf/ word / video (if any) application. For shortlisted Business Plans, the teams are required to pitch to the Investment Committee.

All submissions can be in either English or Chinese.

The product proposal submission will be a document in which you can upload in the application link. A video can be included to try to explain your idea in further detail to the Innovation Committee. A video is optional but please only include if you feel like it will enhance your product  proposal.

Please see the slides here (password: cTRU) to see what is expected out of the business plan.

Please see slide 3 of the long version of the business proposal  (password: bV5r) explaination to see the judging criterion for the business plan.

Only selected teams will be asked to pitch to the investment committee. We will inform you by early June if you will need to prepare a pitch for the investment committee.

You do not need to have a working prototype when you submit the business plan but you should have a relatively strong idea as to the software or hardware product you are looking to create.

Create practical innovative solutions that meaningfully impact our customers by listening to their feedback

Should you have any questions regarding Group VOC Innovation, please don't hesitate to reach out to Eureka Nova team at
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