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GBA Accelerator Cohort 2

GBA Accelerator

Twin (HK x GZ) hub accelerators for supply chain, logistics and robotics startups to pilot and commercialize technology solutions in the Greater Bay Area

The GBA ACCELERATOR is a supply chain, logistics and robotics startup accelerator designed to help companies scale across the Greater Bay Area. Startups that participate are all equipped to pilot their solutions in specific case studies developed in the New World Group ecosystem.

Cohort 2 Startups

AI Robotics Solution


Lisen Robotics

Pantheon Lab


Tianjin Lonyu Robot


Program Benefits

Partner with New World Group to pilot and commercialize a solution within our properties

Receive invaluable networking and mentorship opportunities

Gain exposure across the New World Development Ecosystem

Receive technical consultation to scale your platform internationally

Receive media exposure through Eureka Nova network and press release


01 Intelligent Logistics 

  • Category: Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Business unit: NWS Holdings
  • This problem statement addresses the need to make our logistics park more intelligent. We are looking for technologies to automate, detect and regulate the vehicles coming in and out of a logistics park. Unmanned security patrol solutions are also top of mind as we are looking at next generation systems to track vehicles and personnel movement entering and leaving the park.

02 Intelligent Warehousing

  • Category: Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Business unit: NWS Holdings
  • This problem statement is regarding upgrading our warehousing system. From unmanned forklifts to stereoscopic warehouses, we are looking for startup solutions that can help our warehouse operators manage their warehouses efficiently and effectively. Any opportunity to save space such as storage manipulators or to minimize human workload with automated guided vehicles are solutions we are looking for.

03 Intelligent Port

  • Category: Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Business unit: NWS Holdings
  • As cross border commerce increases in demands so is the need to have efficient port operations. Paperless management of entry and exit ports as well as unmanned container handling solutions are some examples of what we are looking for to improve the throughput of the port.

04 Smart Transportation

  • Category: Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Business unit: NWS Holdings
  • Transportation of goods and people are also areas of improvement we are looking to improve. As more unmanned vehicles are entering our logistics parks and ports, more assets are moving around which means that there should also be a higher standard in terms of driver safety. Digital and refined management for trailers and vehicle assets will allow us to operate our yards in a more effective manner.

05 IoT in Manufacturing Logistics

  • Category: Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Business unit: NWS Holding
  • We are looking for ways to better track products during its product life cycle, from manufacturing to its final delivery. With sensitive goods being transported such as vaccines, the expectation is that the package is not tampered with and that the package should be able to be identified at any point in its delivery journey.

06 Museum Robotics Tour Guide

  • Category: Robotics
  • Business unit: K11 MUSEA
  • At K11 MUSEA, we have a bespoke exhibit every year to showcase our art pieces. Whenever we launch this exhibit, the demand surges and we don’t have enough tour guides to address this spike. K11 MUSEA is looking for a robotics tour guide that can alleviate this demand and provide a premium experience for patrons. This robotics solution should be able to alleviate the experience and provide a more comprehensive experience than a regular human tour guide.

07 Water Seepage Robotics Solution

  • Category: Robotics
  • Business unit: New World Construction
  • New World Construction is looking for a robotics system to test the façade and window exterior of its constructions. Currently human operators spray water in corners and edges of the fitted windows panels to see if there is any water seepage. This is a manual process and very labor intensive. New World Construction is looking for startups that could expedite this process in a more automated manner while minimizing water usage.

08 Cleaning robot for Public Bathrooms

  • Category: Robotics
  • Business unit: New World Development
  • New World’s Property Management team operates multiple retail malls across the GBA. As a public service, our team has full time staff in the mall's bathrooms to sanitize and clean the facilities on a regular basis. We are looking for a cleaning robot solution in order to solve labor shortages during peak hours, and improve the environmental cleanliness of the space we operate.
    This robotic solution should be mobile enough to go from stall to stall and to different bathroom locations across multiple floors. An ideal solution should also have minimal human interference in the recharge and water discharge process of the robot.

09 Construction Tech & Property Tech

  • Category: Robotics, AI, Material, we are open to any kind
  • Business Unit: New World Development
  • Any construction tech & property tech startups that have proven technology and the potential to integrate with New World business(es).


We’ve produced the following report which highlights the industry trends in GBA tech as well as the accomplishments from our first cohort startups. Fill out the below form to learn more.

Program Benefits

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