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GBA Accelerator

GBA Accelerator

Twin (HK x GZ) hub accelerators for AI and robotics startups to pilot and commercialize technology solutions in the Greater Bay Area

The GBA ACCELERATOR is a robotics and AI startup accelerator designed to help companies scale across the Greater Bay Area. Startups that participate are all equipped to pilot their solutions in specific case studies developed in the New World Group ecosystem.

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Program Benefits

Undergo an intensive accelerator program to solve business problems.

Work across our Twin Hubs of Guangzhou and Hong Kong

Gain exposure across the GBA, an emerging innovation hub with USD1.4 trillion GDP

Partner with New World Group to pilot and commercialize a solution within our properties

Receive invaluable networking and mentorship opportunities

Access our premier office space in the heart of Hong Kong and Guangzhou

Our Cohorts

Align Robotics Logo

Align Robotics

Automated robot solutions that convert digital designs into on-the-ground construction plans


Provides fully-autonomous, commercial robotic floor cleaners

Chain Technology

Solving AEC pain points through innovative digital twin technology


Develop and manufacture a wide variety of wall construction and painting robots

DeepBrain AI

Commercializes real-time video with real-life application of interactive AI Human solutions


Solving worldwide logistical problems with warehousing robots


Design and manufacture window cleaning robots for high-rise buildings


Provides an all-around smart, modular construction solution


Provides the simplest way ever to make AR tours and content in real-world locations

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  • Category: Robotics & AI
  • Business unit: 11SKIES
  • Details: K11 retail malls aim to serve shoppers with a unique, game-changing shopping experience that brings together culture, art, and innovation. Our malls, K11 MUSEA, Guangzhou K11, and 11SKIES seek innovative robotics and/or AI solution for the following use case:

    One of our sites will serve shoppers from Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and the rest of the world. We require innovative solutions especially on customer shopping behavior/pattern identification to cross-sell our offerings to the targeted mall visitors. The solution should be able to cater to the different customer segments who will be able to enjoy a tailored, original and innovative mall journey and in the New World Group Ecosystem.

    Market research estimates that over 55% of our visitors are tourists (35% Mainland China tourists; 20% international tourists). The international tourist segment comes from South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines and Thailand, and are more likely to visit 11 SKIES, and therefore multilingual capabilities should be considered.

  • Category: AI
  • Business unit: K11 MUSEA 
  • Details: MUSEA aims to use technology to identify international up and coming brands/concepts that are looking to enter Hong Kong or Asia markets. We are looking for an intelligent and easy-to-use solution that would collect, consolidate, and recommend up and coming brands/concepts that are aligned with MUSEA’s vision and positioning, in order to drive mutual collaboration and growth opportunities.

  • Category: Robotics & AI
  • Business unit: Hip Seng (Construction) 
  • Details: Hip Seng aims to find smart solutions that can assist humans in completing repetitive tasks in construction sites, while being able to cope with space constraints and/or network limitations. In addition, we are also looking for an intelligent solution that can provide scan-to-BIM feature accurately and efficiently.
  • Category: Robotics & AI
  • Business unit: NWCL
  • Details: In anticipation of the future changes to come in community management services, New World China Land (NWCL)  is looking to provide unique and innovative experiences to our tenants and patrons through the application of technology.
  • Category: Robotics
  • Business unit: Property Management
  • Details: Technology is changing the way property management is done on a daily basis. At our K11 facilities, we are looking to deploy solutions to that can help reduce the human capital intensive work needed to maintain our properties. We are looking for robotics or AI solutions that can:
    • Automatically clean bathroom facilities without human intervention
    • Clean floors at scale and on an industrial level
    • Effectively and efficiently collect and measure waste from each tenant
    • Minimize the impact of noise and air pollutants during renovations
    • Sustainably and effectively dry the umbrellas of incoming mall patrons
    • Standardize the signage across the whole property (interior/ exterior/ parking lot)
    • Autonomously measure body temperatures of mall patrons
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