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We empower technology startups to co create within the New World Group’s ecosystem of culture, creativity and innovation




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Notable Business Integrations

At Rice Robotics, they are building the software and hardware infrastructure for autonomous robots. Their robots – Rice (delivery), Jasmine (disinfection) and Portal (patrol) – navigate crowded areas, operate elevators and charge without help.

Rice Robotics worked on several collaborations with New World Development. They started with a pilot delivering coffees in K11 ATELIER at Victoria Dockside. They were able to connect to the card entry and elevator systems to complete the deliveries – a unique feature in today’s commercial buildings.

Their Jasmine disinfection robots helped with sanitizing K11 MUSEA and over 60 of them continue to be used there along with other properties. Since then, C Ventures has also made an investment in Rice Robotics.

RaSpect provides a variety of solutions to help with building maintenance from construction to post-build phase.

Hip Hing Construction is working with RaSpect on a project measuring the straightness of an elevator shaft. Compared to the previous manual method that requires building scaffolding within the shaft and dropping a line from the top down to the bottom of the shaft, RaSpect’s solution measures the elevator shaft straightness every 5-6 floors without requiring workers to be present. Not only does this improve worker safety, it also increases the speed of checking the straightness, reduce manual work, and improves accuracy and efficiency.

V Cycle was built on the principle that environmental consciousness and human compassion are intrinsically linked. Hong Kong’s waste problem is unique in that, not only does it producing more waste than its landfills can house but most notably, has allowed its elderly to shoulder the burden of recycling the city’s vast quantities of cardboard at the expense of their well-being.

V Cycle works with the elderly who usually pick up cardboards around Hong Kong by providing them with better employment opportunities through sorting plastic and earning a higher wage. V Cycle worked with 30 of K11 MUSEA’s tenants to collect their plastic waste, and then sorting and turning them into umbrellas that are now being sold on K11’s eShop.

Dayta has an SaaS cloud-based, AI retail analytics solution called “Cyclops”, capable of connecting to any surveillance camera to acquire, evaluate, and interpret data.

D•PARK has leveraged Dayta to look at various areas where they could improve their operations, including tracking the engagement of digital signage, how much manpower to allocate to cleaning the restrooms, the amount of time customers spend waiting at the customer service counters, and whether power needs to be adjusted for escalators based on their usage.

Wada Bento has a patented hot-chain vending machine solution that can keep bento box warm & hygienic.

Hip Hing is working with Wada Bento to install their hot-chain vending machines in remote construction sites that have limited supply of choices for lunch. The collaboration enabled construction workers to have hot and healthy food choices, comparing to food from traditional cha-chaan-tang. Also, given the specific nutrition and size demand for construction workers, Wada Bento has tailored the bento boxes together with Hip Hing.

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Eureka Nova is a leading open innovation platform that empowers technology startups to co-create within the New World Group’s ecosystem of culture, creativity and innovation.

Through our accelerator programs, open competitions, innovation labs, tech conferences, and sandboxes, participating startups work with our business units and corporate partners to design innovative technologies that solve real business problems

The Eureka Nova Team

Ben Wong

Ben Wong

Head of Open Innovation
Sheila Ebrahim

Sheila Ebrahim

Strategy Lead
Manna Chong

Manna Chong

Investment Lead
Amy Wu

Amy Wu

Project Manager
Emily Mak

Emily Mak

Event Catalyst
Eugene Mak

Eugene Mak

Innovation Trainee

Eureka Nova Advisory Board

Brian Cheng

Brian Cheng

Executive Director, NWS Holdings Limited
Tim Wu

Tim Wu

Programme Director, Eureka Nova
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