Entrepreneurship Enrichment Workshops

The Workshops aim to foster the growth of the incubatees of the Eureka Nova Incubation Programme by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills for operate and run their newly established ventures.

Entrepreneurial Leadership and Building Effective Team

Creative Marketing

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Maximising PR and Media Exposure

Big Data

Startup Financing

Risk Management

Business Negotiation and Selling

Legal and Intellectual Property Protection

Fundraising and Pitching to Investors

Company Visits

Eureka Nova will arrange visits to companies and provide opportunities for incubatees to interact with executives of the companies. A diversified range of business segments including property and retail management, food and beverages, convention and exhibition management, hotel management, finance, technologies, social media, environmental protection and etc will be arranged. 


Through participations in the events organised by Eureka Nova, and those arranged with third parties, the incubatees will establish network with stakeholders in the startup ecosystem. This will include other starups at various stages, entrepreneurs, mentors, service providers, investors, venture capitalists, crowdfunding platforms and business leaders in various sectors.

We will arrange networking activities like startup talks, pitch nights, investors nights and participation in events organised by other stakeholders in the startup ecosystem.

Founders Circle

We will invite a selected few business founders to act as exclusive advisors and mentors for the incubatees. The incubatees can be benefited from learning from the practical business and operation experiences of the founders in their respective core competence areas.


A workspace of 2,000 sq. ft. is available for eligible startups, with rental waived, normally for a maximum period of 24 months, subject to the regular assessments set in the programme. Startups can use the workspace to collect, connect and collide, and co-create their disruptive technologies.

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