Eureka Nova offers aspiring leaders and creative innovators with the ideal platform they need to make their business dream a reality.


Startup who has a registered entity with product or services launch plan in the market within 24 months.

Ideally, the start-up shall fall in the five core themes of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). Priority will be given to business ideas that are creative, innovative, sustainable and creating social value.


The vetting panel at Eureka Nova shall consider the following criteria in determining a prospective project’s potential to become an incubatee:

  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Business Model, Commercial and Technical Feasibility
  • Applicant's Background / Relevant Strength and Experience
  • Social, Community and Industry Impact

The eligibility for startups to continue in the incubation programme is subject to regular reviews base on assessment of the milestone achievements.

The purpose of the milestone assessments is to ensure the incubatees are in progression and made continuous efforts towards their objectives set in their business plans. The review shall typically include progress in the product development, sales and marketing and financial.

Milestone assessments are conducted set every 6 months during the incubation period. The startups will be assessed by the advisory panel based on the milestone achievements set out by in their business proposals at the time of their admission, and at every milestone assessments.

Eureka Nova and its Advisory Panel reserve the right to terminate the incubatees’ participation in the programme if the startups cannot meet the progress milestones .

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