At Eureka Nova, we offer tailor-made entrepreneurship enrichment programmes to speed up the successful development of starting entrepreneurs and enterprises. This will be done through a mix of training and workshops focused on different aspects of business operations.

In addition, Eureka Nova organises sharing sessions by business professionals, corporate visits, business pitch nights, and a vast array of networking opportunities with other startups and like-minded entrepreneurs.

The uniqueness of our incubation programme is that it is a fully integrated enterprise support programme, helping young startup hopefuls to turn business ideas into successful and sustainable enterprises.

The literal meaning of eureka is ‘I’ve found it.’ It has become part of daily vernacular, synonymous with making breakthroughs in life since the Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes shouting “Eureka, eureka”, upon making a great discovery.


The word nova describes the sudden brightening of a star, and together, these two classic words represent what our brand is all about.


New stars, ready to shine.


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